Let us help you to sell your home.

For  sale is  very important  that your home  as quickly  as possible  and  for  the  best price  is sold We take  the work  out of your hands  and ensure  optimal results!

In an  exploratory and  informal conversation  we determine with  you  what you  can expect from us  and what  is  the strategy  that suits you  and the sale  of your house.

Upon receipt  of your order  does the  sales  procedure is  roughly  as follows:

  1. After an  accurate record of your  home, our certified  sales  stylist  advises  how  to best  present  your property.
  2. If your home  'salable is we make an  extensive photo shoot  for  a brochure  and a presentation on on the Internet.
  3. Your home  will be quickly  brought to the attention  of  our  searchers.
  4. At the same time  we place your  property on  www.wazzuprealeste.nl
  5. The presentation  of your house  can be seen  in the windows of  our office.
  6. If  your offer  is  agreed  in local  and regional  newspapers.
  7. Interested  in  getting  an appointment  an extensive  tour  of  one of our agents.
  8. In a  bid  from a potential buyer  we negotiate  in consultation with you. Not only  the price, but also on further  conditions  as  for  the best  sales  result.
  9. After an  agreement  we ensure a  proper handling  to  transfer  to the notary.