Let us help you with buying a home.

As a purchasing real estate agent we can advise you  whith buying  a house In addition, there are two  possible situations:

1. You have found your  dream home  with another  broker for sale. 
The drawback  is  that you  often  do not  have sufficient knowledge  and  are emotionally involved  in the purchase of  the house There fore it is wise  to you by us  as  purchasing agent  to assist We know  that the  asking price  is realistic technically  the house  in order and  what  the possibilities of the  zoning On your behalf  we conduct  the negotiations  to get the best  price  and  other terms  for you to realize In short we  accompany  you from the  visit  to  the transfer  to the notary With our knowledge  and experience, you are  certainly  better off  than if  you do  the  negotiating!

2. You have  not found  your dream home  yet
In this  case, you can  search  with us. We  advance  in  an exploratory meeting  determine what  your exact  needs are,  so we  focused  on the go.
We keep you  in person  or via e-mail about  the  relevant  offer in your  search area.

Together we can  act quickly Of course  we also follow  the supply of  other providers.

We  have  more than 11  years experience in  Arnhem  and the surroundings. Our  real estate agents  know all the  ins and  outs of this  important  area the  pros and cons  of  the neighborhoods  and  the houses and  the  market prices With  this knowledge, we are  able to offer you  good advice  on  the  purchase of your home  to give.

Ask about  our attractive  purchase  price whether or not in conjunction  with  the sale of your  current home We lay  like  personal consultation  without obligation  out  how it all  works.